Saw this quote in a business story in the Cincinnati Enquirer and had to laugh to keep from crying:

Chad Summe, Quotient’s central region vice president, will lead the Sycamore Township office. The company’s Greater Cincinnati office launched with three senior executives in 2012 and now has 60 full-time employees.

“We took a hard look at where we wanted to do expansion,” said Summe, who is also a member of the Kenton County Airport Board. “The result we’ve seen in Cincinnati has been phenomenal. (There’s) access to great human capital and I think you can see the momentum of the city overall translating to that. We’re just partaking in it. After looking across the country, we decided to double down here.”

“Human capital”? Gimme a break. Human beings yes, but human capital, no thanks.

Of course, it is a reality check… that’s how most execs at most companies see their employees – as “human capital” to be depleted, bartered, traded and degraded.