My 15-year-old son plays in a band with some buddies from grade school. Here they are covering Imagine Dragon’s “Radioactive” at a local radio station’s Christmas concert  (my son is on the far left, in the Nirvana t-shirt)

The other day, my wife was driving in the car with him and our 11-year-old daughter. My wife was encouraging our son to practice more…

                   Wife: You should get together with Ben and jam.

                   11 year old daughter (said with eye-rolling incredulity): “Jam?”

                   Wife: Yes, “jam” – that’s what bands do. I know because I’m hip.

                   11 year old daughter: You’re not hip… you’re old enough to have a metal hip!

I’d love to laugh a bit harder at this exchange, but I’m 7 years older than my wife, and I’m afraid laughing too hard will throw my back out.