Mrs. Dubbatrubba and I recently returned from a six-day trip to Colorado.

Getting old is no fun, but it’s nice to have kids old enough to fend for themselves while we’re gone.

We rocked the Rockies pretty hard:

  • Colorado Springs: Garden of the Gods and Pike’s Peak.
  • Two concerts at Red Rocks.
  • Estes Park – my wife ran a half-marathon, I volunteered at the finish line, handing out granola bars, chocolate milk and bananas. (“There’s always money in the banana stand.”)
  • A full day in Rocky Mountain National Park
  • More hiking in Colorado Springs… and some breweries too!
  • Denver for a Rockies game.

The thin air is tough on your lungs, but being up in the mountains also can elevate your spirits. Even if you don’t participate in the legalized recreational activities.

Those of us not named Bezos or Branson can’t take our own rocket to space, but being atop a mountain can give you a great sense of perspective on your place in this world. Feeling insignificant is significant, because you realize we’re all connected… and that life is a series of peaks and valleys.