I’ve gotten into vinyl albums of late, and have done a lot of crate digging at the local thrift stores and flea markets trying to add to my collection without spending an arm and a leg.

Most times it’s a waste of time… a lot of sifting through the oeuvre of Andy Williams, Engelbert Humperdinck, “Sing along with Mitch” and the Ray Conniff Singers.

Me? Not so much in love with this…

The selection certainly fits the age bracket of the folks whose closets are being cleaned out by their offspring after they pass away.

Occasionally I’ll find a decent album or three as I mine the stacks. But today I struck gold. Check out this mother lode:

I’m most excited about the two Elvis Costello albums, the Clash’s London Calling (a two-LP set), Joe Jackson (an oft-overlooked gem) and Born to Run. But the Pete Townshend solo ones are pretty cool too… I’ve always like The Call….can’t go wrong with The Byrds… you get the idea.

Not bad for a whopping $4.63. (Albums were half-priced today.)

Kinda makes all that time starting at Andy Williams albums worthwhile. Almost.

Looks like I won free tickets to the gun show…