In the words of the immortal Jim Anchower, “Hola, amigos. How’s tricks? Been awhile since I rapped at ya…”

I do have some breaking news for you: getting old is no fun. (OK, some maybe it isn’t breaking news. Actually it’s not even news.)

I used to enjoy sleeping in on the weekends. Now I simply cannot sleep past 7am. I think it’s because all of my bones and joints sound like Rice Krispies: Snap! Crackle! Pop! The noise wakes me up and keeps me from falling back to sleep.


I wake up at 5:40a.m. on weekdays to get our 8th grader out the door and on the bus by 6:30, so you’d think that I’d be able to rest my weary bones a bit longer on the weekend. But no dice. I’ve come up with a compromise – I count any time that I’m lying prone in bed as “sleep” even if I’m wide awake. How’s that for a Jedi mind trick?

jedi mind trick


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