The Broken Record podcast is a treasure trove for music geeks like me. But even if you’re not music-obsessed, you’ll probably enjoy it. The most recent episode features Amanda Shires, talking about her new Christmas album.

Something Amanda said about the writing process really rang true for me – check out this 45-second clip:

Write a little bit every day.

Read good books and poems to inspire you.

Be open to the muse.

Look for the magic in the mundane.

Stay your spontaneous “silly self.”

Our ability to write, to paint, to sculpt, to act, to dance, to create in all its forms, has been with us since we were kids. As we grow up, most of us bury it, or ignore it, or let it die of neglect. Because we’re scared of what others might think of it… of being judged.

But deep down, you know — and I know — that your “silly self” doesn’t give a damn about what others think. It’s just having fun.

Now get out there and rock on!