Up the Okkervil River without a paddle

About a week ago, I was going to drive to Louisville to see one of my favorite bands, Okkervil River. They were scheduled to open a brand new venue, the Mercury Ballroom. I was looking forward to the show like a six-year-old looks forward to Christmas. Or maybe more like an Amish teen looks forward to Rumspringa. The show was scheduled for Friday, April 4th. Here’s the email I got a mere two days before the show:

mercury larger


A construction delay? Are you kidding me? I was crushed. But I can’t blame the band… unless they are as skilled in construction as they are in music and could’ve come into Louisville early, hung some drywall and installed the fire suppression system.

Okkervil River’s latest album, The Silver Gymnasium is stellar. It’s lead singer and songwriter Will Sheff’s ode to growing up in small town New Hampshire in the year 1986. If there aren’t any construction delays at a venue near you, please go see them live.

Too old for music festivals?

Interesting post on NPR Music about “how old is too old for a music festival?”

I suppose I find out if I’m too old for music festivals when I hit Louisville’s Forecastle Festival this July. On the plus side, more old folks at a festival means shorter lines at the porta-potties because we’ll be wearing Depends adult diapers. And if a band is too loud we can just turn down our hearing aids. On the negative side, we’ll take up more space with our ample posteriors and our Rascal scooters. I just hope Sexual Chocolate is part of the festival lineup. They are the poor man’s Flaming Lips.


I’m an April Fool

[Originally posted on Tumblr on 4-1-14 because I couldn’t figure out the WordPress install]
OK, so I’m the 3 billionth person to start a blog. So sue me. Or squat on my unregistered domain name and make me pay to buy it from you. April Fool’s Day seems like the perfect time for this exercise in futility. And there’s a certain symmetry to 4-1-14. 

If you’re looking for insightful commentary on the human condition, you’ve come to the wrong place. Try 1-800-DIDION.

If it’s dazzling wordplay and serious writing craftsmanship, this ain’t McSweeney’s.

If you’re searching for the latest miracle weight-loss supplement, sorry, Dr. Oz has already locked up an exclusive promotional deal.

If you want inspiration and motivation, try some of those Successories posters.

However, if you are craving the random musings of a middle-aged nobody… congratulations, you may already be a winner!

And now, without further ado, the song of the day…

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