2 Kool 2 B Eclipsed

Not-so-breaking news from the solar eclipse department: My daughter Leah was one of several kids interviewed at school on Monday by a local TV station. Actually, “interviewed” isn’t the right description – the reporter just asked the kids to use a single word to describe the eclipse. (And clearly some kids need a refresher course in math, because they use more than one word.)

In case you don’t know what Leah looks like, I’ll give you a couple of hints to help you spot her in the video below:

A. When she is interviewed, she lifts up her protective eyewear… much like football players who take off their helmet after they score, she knows that you have to show off your face if you want to get more endorsement deals.

B. She uses teen slang to describe the eclipse.

Yes, that’s my daughter… she’s so sick – in the Urban Dictionary sense of the word.

As Casey Kasem liked to say, “keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for those stars.”

2 thoughts on “2 Kool 2 B Eclipsed

  1. Wow, nice to see Leah “live”, she’s very beautiful and obviously super cool (as us old people say).
    We had a partial sun eclipse in France a year or so ago, in the middle of the morning, so the children in our primary school had to stay indoors the whole day, recess cancelled, in case anyone looked into the sun (can’t trust 6-10 year olds…) – but instead of talking about the eclipse with students, teachers just ignored the whole thing, so some children came home from school that day thinking they had avoided a nuclear blast (at least) or some similar catastrophe…

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