Disco didn’t completely suck

If you’re a Person of a Certain Age who liked to rock and/or roll, you remember the dark days of disco, when Giorgio Moroder was the devil and the Bee Gees were the hounds of hell.

giorgio moroder

If so, you probably broke out in hives at the sight of a mirror ball, and you saw the infamous “Disco Demolition Night” as your generation’s Woodstock.

disco sucks

But something good did come of the Disco Era (other than being able to get some hideous clothes really cheap at Goodwill from 1981 on).  Check out this band, Johnnyswim, performing a Tiny Desk Concert on NPR.

The female vocalist in Johnnyswim is Amanda Sudano, and she just happens to be the daughter of Disco Diva Donna Summer and songwriter/producer Bruce Sudano, who met in March of 1977 in the heart of the disco era. Rock on!


Up the Okkervil River without a paddle

About a week ago, I was going to drive to Louisville to see one of my favorite bands, Okkervil River. They were scheduled to open a brand new venue, the Mercury Ballroom. I was looking forward to the show like a six-year-old looks forward to Christmas. Or maybe more like an Amish teen looks forward to Rumspringa. The show was scheduled for Friday, April 4th. Here’s the email I got a mere two days before the show:

mercury larger


A construction delay? Are you kidding me? I was crushed. But I can’t blame the band… unless they are as skilled in construction as they are in music and could’ve come into Louisville early, hung some drywall and installed the fire suppression system.

Okkervil River’s latest album, The Silver Gymnasium is stellar. It’s lead singer and songwriter Will Sheff’s ode to growing up in small town New Hampshire in the year 1986. If there aren’t any construction delays at a venue near you, please go see them live.